In a world so many, you are THAT BITCH!


How it all started!


Thats it.

Pregnancy changed my skin for the worst. My eczema had covered my face like no other. I blew up like a blimp, my nose and feet grew larger, AND my edges fell out. During my pregnancy, the biggest issue was my face being covered withe eczema. I felt like I looked like a reptile who had gotten beat up because it was dry and swollen in multiple places on my face. Like many mothers, I did not want to use steroids on my body because I was scared it may cause some sort of issue with my baby.**

So, I decided I would take matters into my own hands to make products that were natural. It started off with making and formulating a body butter. This was and probably still is the piece that made me feel confident in creating and formulating my own products to combat my skin issues. It has also helped with boosting my sense of self-worth. I meeaaannn, how many people can say they themselves created and formulated their own dry and dull skin line. Honestly, it gave me IM A BOSS BITCH ENERGY. You have to toot your own horn sometimes. You know?


Im very proud of this collection. It took nearly a years time to get the recipes right. I hope you all find something you all like.

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"Perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us, they know EXACTLY how it should be done."

-Rudy Francisco-